Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Critical... Headache=Migrain

yesterday it happened to me..

Early morning i came to lab to do what i've plan at night before went to sleep. Habit to me to think and plan what must i do for the next day. So the list is here;

1 - weigh the sugars(fructose and lactose) in mg.. Duh, 0.9mg and 1.7mg. Shut up!! But using the balance make me crazy! It's not function, means unstabled!! i tried to fix it,but failed! Huh,about one hour sat on the stool in front of the balance..

2 - weigh the PHB(polymer), 10g. *smile*. These two types used different balance. balance in g.

Fortunately, i found another balance in gram and suitable to weigh the sugars. yes! at 140pm, i run my samples for 3 hours. huh, hate to wait. While my PHB(dissolve in chloroform) need to filter. Grrr~ its too sticky.

Then while waiting these stuffs i went to mosque to pray. this time i got migrain. I cant faced the light. The sun was too shining and my head starting to throb. *nyut nyut* puhh.... still under my control. but i isolated myself from friends in the lab. just sit at my place and surfing the internet.

5pm was over. But still in lab. Need to finish the manual filteration of PHB. its hard to me to balance myself that time. feel like slanting to left. Doctors (one of my friend,Intan) and articles said one of sympthom about migrain is suffering at left of head. its me! i realized since at secondary school. *sad*

at 630pm i at hostel. after solat asar, i laid down myself with blanket on my face avoid any light into my eyes. 30min later i woke up to "buka puasa". Then i feel a bit ok. 40% normal. huh.

today feel 80% ok. heeee~ but i think i'll get it again after this. a bit throb bottom left of my head. NOOOOOO... i dont want it!!!

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